We are CCXT — the biggest crypto trading project in the world, with over 10000 stars on GitHub, 130 exchanges integrated, 700 dependent projects, and 300 contributors.

Our mission is to develop a single unified trading API for the world's crypto markets, bringing together traders, exchanges and liquidity.

Our technology is used by a vast number of people, companies, startups, investment funds, algotrading firms, and others in the cryptocurrency space. The biggest traders with major exchanges use CCXT.

Advertise With CCXT

On average we serve hundreds of thousands of downloads monthly, hitting a million downloads per month early in 2018.

We offer promotion with a banner on our main GitHub page and also on NPM and PyPI mirrors of that page.

All the relevant traffic lands directly to one of the above pages. Developers looking for access to crypto exchanges with their favorite programming language will most certainly end their search there.

This traffic is extremely valuable to any crypto business wanting to attract attention of the most sophisticated people in the crypto crowd.


One-Liner Advertisements

We also offer one-liner advertisement spaces in the See Also section of CCXT's main page:


Each one-liner advertisement can contain a logo, a company name, and single string of text with a link to a company's website or a promo-page.

Let us know if you're interested!